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Enjoy an exciting day on the beautiful and astonishing Mediterranean Sea of Alanya. One of the biggest attractions of beautiful Turkey is of course the crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea. The boat with its service minded and friendly staff will take you out sailing to enjoy a great day on the sea. We start by sailing around the peninsula of Alanya and visit the Cave of Pirates, The Cave of Lovers and The Cave of Phosphor. After the visits at these amazing caves, we stop for a dip in the sea just outside the famous Cleopatra Beach where we even can admire the beautiful Ulas beach. If you prefer you can choose to sunbath on the upper deck or just relax and enjoy the music. During one of the stops there will be foam, disco music and party atmosphere. During the tour the boat stops several times and you can choose to jump into the sea or just enjoy the sea and the scenery from the boat. You can even be lucky to see dolphins or sea turtles. We enjoy a local lunch on the boat while we admire the astonish scenery and the crystal-clear water.

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Alanya Boat Tour

Alanya Boat Tour

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