VIP Hamam -

This is an experience you cannot be without once you visit Turkey. Hamam is a part of the Turkish people’s culture through many thousands of years. We offer you this VIP Hamam which is a unique experience in a luxury hamam.

VIP Hamam is a perfect way to start your holiday or even to do it during your stay here in Turkey.

We offer you an energizing Turkish experience. The sauna will help open the pores on your skin. You will enjoy the warm and steamed bath in the steam room. Afterwards, you will enter the hamam, where you will get a skin peeling and the staff will exfoliate and remove layers of dead skin cells from your head till your toes, while you are lying on a hot marble stone. Still in the hamam you will enjoy foam massage that will unlock all the tight muscles in your body, and you will feel reborn. Our professional staff uses a special cloth with soap to cover your entire body with frothy bubbles.

Fish spa is also part of this treatment and it is a fun experience which makes your skin on your feet feel softer and healthier than before. During fish spa you will get a face mask treatment and you will even enjoy a glass of sparkling wine and fruit. After this treatment you will truly feel reborn. The treatment continues with a relaxing hot stone massage (max 30 min.) to relieve the muscle pain and remove possible stress, giving you the feeling of being fully ready to continue enjoying your holiday as a reborn person.

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